WP Engine Reviews (Best WordPress Managed Hosting) in 2020

wp engine reviews

Hey dears, today I am going to describe all about the best wordpress managed hosting in this WP Engine reviews article. As you know, WP Engine is one of the most leading company that provides managed hosting for wordpress sites.

Before starting this article, let me tell you why am I writing on this! On which basis I am writing this review of wp engine.

Firstly, being a blogger I have tried some of the hosting providers personally. On the basis of these experience, I am here to describe all about the best hosting company really which is.

Now, let me tell you some reasons why I am writing this?

Any website rank due to its great content obviously. But before that which matter really that are hosting type and quality, site speed, uptime, security etc. So you have to ensure your future content will be stored in a best infrastructure to rank your site. So, this wp engine reviews will inform your the best detail about managed hosting of WP Engine. A quality hosting company must have these features.

But before we are going to see details, let first have a look on the latest ongoing biggest offer of WP Engine.

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Ok, have you looked upon the wp engine latest offer? Ok, have signed up and now you want to know more details? Here’s all, just keep moving…

WP Engine Basic Features:


Hosting Type and Quality

There are different type of hosting like shared hosting, vps hosting, unmanaged hosting, managed hosting, dedicated hosting etc. For getting better performance and easy to manage, you should go with managed hosting. Because shared hosting is dead today!


Site Speed

Definitely, Site Speed increases the possibility of ranking in google. Because if your site is not loaded fast, your visitors will be bored and they obviously leave. So, here your site is failed to satisfy the user satisfaction in Google’s eye. This is why, site speed should be at higher as possible and that provided by only managed hosting.



Higher percentage of uptime of your server makes your site always visible to users. They always find out your site and read it. And in this case, 99.99% uptime is guaranteed by the managed hosting servers.



Bandwidth is the capacity of how much visitors can be handled by your site. In other way, we can say how much visitors can visit your site at a time. If your hosting bandwidth or site bandwidth is less according to required amount of 10K visitors, then if somehow your site is ranked and get a large amount of visitors over 10K, your site will be down. And your all the the business will be stopped making your revenue! So bandwidth should be more always than your regular traffic. And maximum real bandwidth is provided by the managed hosting companies.

So here, you have known the reasons why should you need managed wordpress hosting for your website.

WP Engine Reviews – Full Outline

Every work should have proper plan before starting. You should know what you gonna read and what you will get after completing. If your business and target is not matched you shouldn’t go through. So first read the outlines in below and decide to go if the topic is matched with your criteria. or not to go if not matched. After completing this wpengine review, you will learn:

  • WP Engine Reviews – Overview in 5 Lines
  • What is WP Engine
  • What is Managed Hosting
  • Five Reasons Why WP Engine is Best Managed Hosting For You
  • WP Engine Features and Specifications
  • WP Engine Plans and Pricing
  • WP Engine Pros and Cons
  • WP Engine Comparison with Others
  • Conclusion

WP Engine Reviews – Overview in 5 Lines

WP Engine is a managed wordpress hosting provider for small to large websites. It was established in 2010 and headquartered at Austin, Texas, USA.

Starting plan of WP Engine is only cost $25/month (Discounted link: only $22.50/month). If your need is big, you can create a custom infrastructure just discussing with them.

WP Engine is a award winning managed wordpress hosting company. It has been awarded by CEO Award and CFO Award in 2015, International Business Award in 2016 and a lot of.

It has some additional features like premium themes which are provided free with any hosting plan. The well known Genesis Framework and StudioPress themes are their product also.

WP Engine has global data centers. They have servers near at you wherever you are or wherever you want to host your site. May it be United States, may it be Europe or may it be Asia-Pacific region.

The well known blogger Sayed Balkhi, founder of WPBeginner and the most using audio sharing platform SoundCloud founder Roel Van Der Ven has given strongly positive review about it’s service and quality.

What is WP Engine

What is Managed Hosting

You will find different types of hosting are available to host your wordpress site. WordPress hosting is two types according to management. Literally, these are the types of Cloud Hosting. We are not here talking about shared hosting because it is dead!

  • Unmanged Hosting
  • Managed Hosting

1. Unmanaged Hosting

Unmanaged hosting is literally says that it is not managed by the company authority. They just provide the infrastructure. You have to create your server, application, project and install required apps and filles.

However, unmanaged hosting providers give some advantages to make easy to start. If we consider one of the best unmanaged cloud hosting provider DigitalOcean (Starts at $5/month), it has one-click install apps to launch your app or site easily.

Say, if you wanna install wordpress, your can do it by just one-click.

Those people who have the coding knowledge and able to imply for the management of your site, you should go with the best unmanged hosting DigitalOcean.

What knowledge should you have to use Unmanged hosting?

You need to manage your hosting server manually by you with inputting right codes. If you make any mistakes, you server may go down and you lose visitors. So, you should have the experience about:

  • Ubuntu OS
  • Apache
  • PHP
  • MySQL

2. Managed Hosting

Who don’t have the coding knowledge and never used the Ubuntu Operating System, they should go with Managed Hosting. Actually, managed hosting providers are the bridge between unmanaged hosting providers and users.

One of the best managed hosting provider Cloudways (Starts at $10/month) do the management for the users. Cloudways manages the unmanaged server DigitalOcean for the users.

Ahhh, hard to understand the full scene?

Ok. Let me make it simple with an image.

wp engine reviews

This is the best way to use cloud hosting without doing management ownself. Cloud Hosting makes your website more faster than you think. Google ranking will be improved using cloud hosting.

Now let’s know about WP Engine managed hosting provider. Before that’s let’s ask two questions.

So what makes different WP Engine from Cloudways?
What is the speciality of WP Engine?

Ok. Let me clear you. The main difference between Cloudways and WP Engine is that Cloudways is a 3rd party managed hosting provider which has not its own server, on the other hand WP Engine is a managed hosting provider which has its own server.

As you have seen in the above picture, Cloudways is just a bridge between server and user. But WP Engine is a real managed hosting provider who do management ownself and use their own server.

WP Engine = Own Server + Own Management

Cloudways uses DigitalOcean, Google Cloud, Amazon AWS etc. as their server. They just manage the site hosting processes on be half of users.

WP Engine is a fully independent, best performing and user friendly manged web hosting company. You can try it here 2 months for free.

Five Reasons Why WP Engine is Best Managed Hosting For You

Here I have pointed 5 reasons for your nice understanding that may help you to make the decision whether you should host your site on WP Engine or not.

  • Dedicated Manged Web Hosting Company
  • Free Genesis Framework+35 Premium Themes (Worth $2000)
  • 2 Months Free Trial
  • Global CDN
  • 24×7 Support

These should be the main reasons you should try once WP Engine. However, there are another more reasons you may consider just looking on their features.

WP Engine Features & Specifications

WP Engine has a lot of features for the best performance of hosted websites. Among them, some features are for all users who have purchased any plan. Some features are vary depending on the plan type and pricing.

Let first have a look on the free features. These are for all users who have just purchased a plan (any) from WP Engine.

  • 2 Months Free Hosting
  • Genesis Framework
  • 35+ StudioPress Themes
  • Global CDN
  • SSH Gateway
  • Evercache
  • PHP 7.3 Ready
  • Automated SSL Certificates
  • Global Edge Security
  • Smart Plugin Manager
  • 24×7 Chat Support

Moreover, lot of price depended advanced features are available according to your subscription plan. Advanced features will be very helpful to make successful your website at a short duration.

WP Engine Plans and Pricing

WP Engine has four types of plan. Price of each plan depends on the features. As a starter, you may try any plan for free for the duration of 60 days. WP Engine is price is not more than and not less than so much comparing other companies who providing manged hosting.

WP Engine Pros and Cons

WP Engine has enough benefits to satisfy a customer and run a business. Here are the pros and cons of WP Engine both. Check it out.


  • 60 Days Free Trial
  • Free Genesis Framework
  • Free StudioPress Themes
  • Global CDN
  • 24×7 Live Chat Support


  • Quite Pricey
  • Only for WordPress Sites

WP Engine Comparison with Others

The details comparison between WP Engine and others are in below in this wp engine reviews article. Here you will see the differences of the main features of these companies comparing to the WP Engine. This will help you to choose the best hosting for your business.

#1 WPX Hosting vs WP Engine

WPX Hosting is one of the best competitor of WP Engine. WPX Hosting and WP Engine provide the same service almost at the same price rate. Here you can see details comparison.

WPX HostingWP Engine
Storage – 10GBStorage – 10GB
Bandwidth – 100GBBandwidth – 50GB
Starts from – $20.83/monthStarts from – $22.50/month

#2 Kinsta vs WP Engine

Kinsta is a another big company who provides managed hosting for WordPress like WP Engine. Almost same features and pricing they contain. Here are details.

KinstaWP Engine
Storage – 10GB Storage – 10GB
20,000 visits/month 25,000 visits/month
Starts from – $25/month Starts from – $22.50/month

#3 Flywheel vs WP Engine

One of the most interesting feature that Flywheel has, is a mini plan of managed wordpress hostingt that is named after tiny. This is the best option for them who doesn’t have a big business that is fit for WP Engine starter plan and can’t afford the because of quite high pricing. So they can easily use Flywheel tiny plan because its pricing is 50% of WP Engine and Kinsta but the service is managed like others.

FlywheelWP Engine
Storage – 5GB Storage – 10GB
5,000 visits/month 25,000 visits/month
Starts from – $13/monthStarts from – $22.50/month

#4 Liquid Web vs WP Engine

Liquid Web is also a managed hosting provider. Along with managed hosting they provide dedicated and VPS hosting also. Features look quite big comparing WP Engine. Check all in below.

Liquid WebWP Engine
Storage – 15GB Storage – 10GB
Bandwidth – 2TBBandwidth – 50GB
Starts from – $19/monthStarts from – $22.50/month

#5 SiteGround vs WP Engine

SiteGround provides wordpress hosting with cPanel at a very cheap rate comparing WP Engine. But they use shared server which is not used by WP Engine. WP Engine use better server.

SiteGroundWP Engine
Storage – 10GB Storage – 10GB
10,000 visits/month 25,000 visits/month
Starts from – $22.50/month Starts from – $22.50/month

#6 Pressable vs WP Engine

Pressable is another reputed managed hosting provider. They provide 2 times of visits monthly than WP engine provide. But WP Engine is more reputed for their service quality than Pressable. Here is the details.

PressableWP Engine
1 WordPress Site 1 WordPress Site
60,000 visits/month 25,000 visits/month
Starts from – $25/month Starts from – $22.50/month

#7 BlueHost vs WP Engine

Servey says, the world’s most using shared hoting provider is BlueHost. It provides now all types of hosting services. Its managed hosting starts from $19.95 per month containing lot of unlimited features. Check details in below comparing best manged hosting provider WP Engine.

BlueHostWP Engine
Storage – Unlimited Storage – 10GB
Traffic limit – Unlimited 25,000 visits/month
Starts from – $19.95/month Starts from – $22.50/month

#8 A2 Hosting vs WP Engine

Basically A2 hosting is a shared hosting provider. Along with shared hosting they provide almost all type of hosting services. For managed hosting for wordpress, they have plans starting from $11.99 with the same features of WP Engine. Recommendation is, for shared hosting you may choose A2 Hosting without any doubt because they provide one of the best shared hosting service. When the question is managed wordpress hosting, WP Engine is better than A2 Hosting.

A2 HostingWP Engine
Storage – 10GB Storage – 10GB
Bandwidth – UnlimitedBandwidth – 50GB
Starts from – $11.99/month Starts from – $22.50/month

#9 DreamHost vs WP Engine

DreamHost company recognized their wordpress managed hosting as DreamPress. Features are looking big than WP Engine whether the price is quite low. Here is the details comparison.

DreamHostWP Engine
Storage – 30GB Storage – 10GB
100K visits/month 25,000 visits/month
Starts from – $16.95/month Starts from – $22.50/month

#10 Cloudways vs WP Engine

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting provider which may be the best option for who want to use cloud hosting for increasing site speed but don’t know or want to use coding knowledge at expert level. On the other side, WP Engine is a managed wordpress hosting provider is the best option for who want to use wordpress, increase site speed and don’t want to manage. Because WP Engine do management servers for users.

CloudwaysWP Engine
Storage – 25GB Storage – 10GB
Bandwidth – 1TB Bandwidth – 50GB
Starts from – $10/month Starts from – $22.50/month

#11 DigitalOcean vs WP Engine

DigitalOcean is unmanaged cloud hosting provider for mainly developers but normal users can host their website for fast speed as it is used cloud server only. If you use DigitalOcean, you have to mange it ownself. On the contrary, WP Engine provides you fast server with full management as it is a managed hosting service provider for wordpress.

DigitalOceanWP Engine
Storage – 25GB SSD Storage – 10GB
Bandwidth – 1TBBandwidth – 50GB
Starts from – $5/month Starts from – $22.50/month

#12 HostGator vs WP Engine

HostGator is a shared hosting provider, also provides some facilities like managed hosting providers improvising the shared service. Here you see the comparison details.

HostGatorWP Engine
Storage – 150GBStorage – 10GB
200K visits/month 25,000 visits/month
Start from – $7.95/month Start from – $22.50/month

#13 Pressidium vs WP Engine

Pressidium is another best managed web hosting company like WP Engine. Pricing is the almost same of two providers. Here you can see.

PressidiumWP Engine
Storage – 5GBStorage – 10GB
10,000 visits/month 25,000 visits/month
Start from – $21/month Start from – $22.50/month

#14 Contabo vs WP Engine

Contabo is mainly a cloud hosting service provider that provides cloud hosting and VPS hosting at a very cheap rate. If you are looking for good VPS hosting at low price, you may try Contabo hosting. Starting price of Contabo is just €2.99/month. On the other hand, WP Engine is a managed hosting for wordpress. It starts at $22.50/month. If you are looking for mananged hosting for wordpress you should try WP Engine.


The last line wp engine reviews will be, if you are looking for wordpress managed hosting for your business that may be any size small or large, no matter, you should choose the best provider in the managed hosting industry and that is WP Engine, no doubt.

Let it more clear than before in this wp engine reviews. Before purchasing hosting from WP Engine, keep in mind these lines.

  • Are you going to start your website or business on WordPress?
  • Or, what website you want to migrate to a new hosting, is it on WordPress?
  • Or your website is on another CMS like Blogger, Wix, Weebly or Squarespace ect. and now you want to migrate to WordPress due to some reason?

This is the first first situation. Here is the second,

  • Your website is on WordPress and is hosted in other hosting providers like BlueHost, HostGator, Kinsta, WPX Hosting, SiteGround etc. Now you want to migrate to the best managed hosting provider WP Engine.
  • You don’t want to manage your server and you just want to run your website as a bullet train without any management the rail line! Then WP Engine is the best option for your.

If your situation is like any of the above, WP Engine authority is waiting to solve your problem with the best solution. They have expert team to support you, they are reputed and they are 24×7 live.

WP Engine provides 2 months free trial to the users. Sign up through the below link to try WP Engine fully free for 60 days period. Moreover, you will get Genesis Framework and 35+ Premium StudioPress Themes for free of cost.

Dear, have you interested the article on wp engine reviews. Let me ask you a question, have you used WP Engine ever? If yes, please share your experience in the comment section to inform the new users about WP Engine managed wordpress hosting quality.

Hi, This is Sadhan Pal, the Founder and CEO of NewBlogLand. A passionate boy in blogging. I started BlogLand to serve the new bloggers providing new tips of blogging and SEO. Thank you so much for reading my blog. Be connected with me on Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.

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