How Do I Remove a Domain Redirect from cPanel?

domain redirect

Hi guys, in this post I am going to show you how to remove a domain redirect from cPanel. No matter whichever hosting you use, follow this steps to stop redirection. Here all the steps to stop domain redirect in a list.

  1. Log in to cPanel
  2. Click on Redirects
  3. Click on Delete right side of the domain
  4. Click on Remove Redirect button
  5. Check the Success message

Before doing this, let’s see about some lines about domain redirect.

What is Domain Redirect

Domain redirection or Domain Forwarding is actually pointing an other domain into a domain. Hard to understand! Ok, let’s make it simple. Suppose, you have a domain name. And you have purchased a new domain name just now. But you don’t want to make a full website with content in the new purchased domain.

But also you don’t want to keep the new domain unused. So you are thinking to do something by which if someone click on your new domain name, your old domain I mean your website will open automatically. That means, you functioned two domains for one website. This is called domain redirection.

Why We do Domain Redirects

We do domain redirects for a certain purpose. To forward a domain into a other domain we do domain rediret. It’s has many advantages. People can go the website using two domains insted of one. It helps to increase users and SEO.

Is Big Companies do Domain Redirection?

Yes! Actually big brand do this more than individuals. Like Facebook, let’s check it. Facebook normal URL is When a user want to open facebook, he/she has to type the full url like or in the browser. But a lot of users will be bored to do this, that’s why facebook has redirected it’s new short domain like to it’s original URL Now a user get bored typing long url, he/she can input the short domain name and can use Facebook!

Most of the big brand companies buy more than one domains and they redirect the new domain names to the old domain. This is the way to increase users and help users to reduce time for using.

How to Remove Domain Redirect

To remove redirects from one domain to another domain or one website to another website, there are some easy ways. Let’s break it out…

  1. First log in to your cPanel using your username and password.
domain redirect

After logging in the cPanel, you can follow 4 methods I have mentioned here to delete a domain redirect.

Method #1 : Stop Domain Redirect from “Redirets” Option in cPanel

Following method #1 to stop a domain name redirect, go to “Redirects” under the DOMAINS area in Namecheap cPanel. If your hosting is from another providers like GoDaddy, SiteGround or BlueHost, no matter cPanel options are almost same. Whichever cPanel you logged in, just find the “Redirects” option and click on it.

domain redirect

Now you can see your current domain redirects status. How many domains you have already redirected (Under “Domain” column) to a another domain, you will find all. Which domain you redirected to which other domain (Under “Redirect URL” column), what is the http code of redirect (Under “HTTP Status Code”), what type of redirection (Under “Type” column) you selected before, is the URL redirect is permanent or not, check them all if you have multiple domain redirects here.

After checking carefully, click on “Delete” under the Actions column.

domain redirect

Now you are in the final step of method #1 for deleting a domain name redirection. Just click on “Remove Redirect” button.

domain redirect

Done! Here you will see a success message that your domain redirect has been removed.

domain redirect

That was the method #1 to stop domain redirection in cPanel. Now let’s see the method #2.

Method #2 : Disable Domain Redirect from cPanel

If your redirected domain and the pointing domain both are hosted in a same hosting account, in this case your all other domains will be added as Addon Domains under primary domain. The first step of method #2. Click on “Addon Domains” in the same are as method #1.

domain redirect

Here you will see the list of domains. Click on “Manage Redirection”.

domain redirect

Third step to disable domain forwarding click on “Disable Redirection” button.

domain redirect

Like the first method last step, you will see a success message.

domain redirect

Method #3 : Delete Domain Redirect From WordPress cPanel

Here is the method #3 of disabling website redirect. This is the almost same method as like method #2. Just click on the “Addon domains” from the right sidebar under “STATISTICS” box.

domain redirect

Then “Manage Redirection” beside the domain you want to remove from redirect.

domain redirect

Click on the “Disable Redirection” button.

domain redirect

After clicking on the disable button, you will see the success message in the next page and the redirection has been stopped successfully.

domain redirect

Method #4 : Remove Domain Redirect from NameCheap Hosting cPanel

In the Method #4, use the search box to find the “Redirects” option. Click on it. This method is the same as method #1.

domain redirect

Then click on “Delete” from the right side.

domain redirect

Third step, just click on the “Remove Redirect” button.

domain redirect

Final step, see the success message. URL Redirect has gone!

domain redirect


Here I have shown all the methods and steps to remove a domain redirect. Whichever hosting you use, no matter just log in to the cPanel and follow my steps, your domain redirect will be successfully removed.

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