5 Industries Behave on the Basis of Conversion Benchmark Report 2022

We have listed 5 industries behavior analyzing the conversion benchmark report 2022 released by Unbounce (One of the best Landing Page Builder). After reading this article, you will be able to understand what industries and what methods are going to work for you in the next days.

1. (Business Services) Focus on Social Traffic instead of Search Ads

After analyzing the search and social visitors in “business service” landing pages, it is clear that social visitors are doing well rather than who are coming from search ads. You must connect your online business with social traffic to increase your sales in 2021. Search engine paid ads may help you to get bulk traffic but social media can turn more visitors into customers.

Send the clear message to your email subscribers about the necessity of the product. And try to avoid expression of your emotion while you are writing your email. You should use professional skill at that time. For more data graphically, see the conversion benchmark report by Unbounce.

2. (Ecommerce) Don’t show disappointment in your Email

In ecommerce, showing disappointment in business emails will reduce your conversions. Just think yourself, if you send an email to a possible customer and you have used some disappointing words about your product.

What will happen after reading this?

You potential customer will be disconnected with your email purpose! They won’t be interested in the product any more. So stay away from using pessimism in your email.

3. (SaaS) Spend more on sending emails and Optimize Google Ads perfectly

If you are working on SaaS (Software as a Service) industry, make your landing page easy readable and short. This way converts more readers into customers. The conversion report says, landing pages did well, but focus on Google Search Ads to drive more traffic. Optimize the ads campaign perfectly and if require increase the budget.

To turn more readers into customers, it is not helpful to use emotional sentences. Actually, be professional while you are doing business online! Your customers never be interested to listen your emotional words. Include reasonable and valuable words in your email about the specific product that the receivers can easily understand the usefulness of it.

4. (Travel) Emphasise on Social Traffic than Search Ads

Due to the Covid-19 situation, travel is really hard to the tourists at this time. Most of the countries has restricted for travelers for a specific duration. That’s why, travel niche is actually passing hard times for making revenue. Yet, you are a travel affiliate marketer, you should focus on social traffic and send them to your landing pages as much as you can. And of course try to avoid inputting negative sentiments about the places and spots in your landing page.

Stat says, travel pages have far less words like…

Disgust (-100.0%)


Anger (-31.54%)


Sadness (-20.1%)


5. (Real Estate) Less Form-fields in the landing page works better

Try to decrease your form-fields in the landing page to make easier for the visitors to fill-up it. Having a clear path in your page helps to get more leads in real estate niche. Only one visitor out of ten coming from social media usually fill-up the form in this industry. But considering from the other sources traffic coming to your landing page, it is good! So focus on this source. Although, at least 55% traffic are coming from the Google Search Ads.

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Follow these strategies are mentioned in the above to increase your customers and revenue in 2021. Utilize the conversion benchmark report 2022 by Unbounce and improve your marketing strategy.

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