Best Managed Hosting For WordPress in 2020

best managed hosting for wordpress

Whenever one decides to make his/her WordPress website, the thing that knocks one’s mind is the domain name of the website and the second main thing is, the hosting service. One can not imagine to get his/her website up and execute. Now, there will be question arisen in your mind that what a hosting service is? If yes, do not get worried, we are here to provide you best managed hosting for WordPress and to clear all your doubts and queries about hosting service!

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is, generally, a service which is provided to the users by the servers. Using this service, they allow them or their companies to post their website online on the internet. While you are setting up your WordPress site, it is the most vital element. There are many companies which are providing several hosting services with their different plans and different pricing for you! Choose the one that fits your requirements!

There are, furthermore, various categories of hosting services that are provided to you. You can opt according to your requirements from the categories which include- cloud hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, shared hosting, as well as managed WordPress hosting.

In this article, we are focussing on best managed hosting for WordPress, therefore, we will discuss best managed hosting for WordPress in brief. So, why wasting time, let’s begin!

WordPress Hosting

 WordPress, written in PHP, is a renowned open-source content management software (CMS). We provide optimized WordPress Hosting services, that are specifically designed for boosting the performance of your website with scalable technology, automated updates and enhanced security.

Definition of Managed Hosting

Best managed hosting for WordPress service is a specialized service used for WordPress websites which deal with all the technical aspects of running WordPress managed by the hosting provider companies. This makes the owner of the website free from technicalities, therefore, they can thoroughly concentrate on building their website and content creation.

Hosts handle all the vital technical aspects which include, WordPress security, performance, speed, caching, backups as well as software updates etc. The back-end of hosting looks simple and very easy to understand as well as manage by anyone.

Best managed hosting for WordPress provides you security, high performance as well as email stability and control. Due to this reason, the cost of managed hosting services is more than shared hosting.

It is highly recommended for the websites or companies that have huge traffic! Another thing is, this procedure is the best opportunity for naive people to start their WordPress website without any kind of difficulties. Besides, we offer 24/7 dedicated services that will be available to you all the time for all kind of queries. Furthermore, we are going to review the 10 best managed hosting for WordPress services in the upcoming crumbs.

Top 10 Best Managed Hosting for WordPress Providers

If your priority is to look for a best managed hosting for WordPress for your website, you have reached to the right destination. We are ready to help you out providing the best services! Below is the list of needs best managed hosting for WordPress!

You can opt, according to your, the best from the provided plans, prices and services for you!

1. WP Engine (Sign Up Now – 2 Months Free)

Whenever people talk about best managed hosting for WordPress providers, a major name that struck their mind is, WPEngine. The primary reason for WPEngine to come first in our list of Best Managed WordPress Hosting service provider is the managed servers that are provided by them. You will get the foremost hosting whether you want a dedicated, managed, or cloud WordPress hosting services. It is your choice to set up a simple blog or a complex website for your company or brand, WPEngine will fulfil all your requirements providing scalability as well as speed!

WP Engine Reviews

WP Engine is one of the best managed hosting for wordpress provider. Everything about this hosting provider like what it provides, what are the benefits of it, what are the offers at this time, all updates you can get here checking this wp engine reviews.

WP Engine Features

Best managed hosting for wordpress provider is WP Engine considering all the criteria. It has best features for the better management of hosting.

Features of WP Engine Starting Plan:

  • 25K Visits/mo.
  • 10GB Storage
  • 50GB Bandwidth/ mo.
  • 1 Website

WPEngine Benefits

Apart from consideration of Speed and other on-site facilities of WP Engine, there are some additional benefits of using it. Some premium features are totally free when you sign up for the starting plan of wp engine. Have a look on these:

WP Engine Free Offers with Starting Plan:

  • Genesis Framework
  • 35+ StudioPress Themes
  • Global CDN
  • Automated SSL certificates
  • Global Edge Security

WP Engine Growth

WP Engine is a dedicated managed wordpress hosting provider. It was started at 2013. And at this time they have millions of users. Thousands of big brands hosted their site on WP Engine. Due to their high quality standard, they already got some prestigious awards.

best managed hosting for wordpress

Why should I choose WPEngine?

There may be lot of reasons, considering you may choose WP Engine for your website hosting. I am mentioning some of them in below.

  • 35+ Premium Themes including (Authority PRO!)
  • WP Engine is a award winning hosting provider
  • 2 months free for annual plans
  • Genesis Framework
  • Super Speed Server

WPEngine Pricing

So, have you decided to go with WP Engine? But before want to see wp engine pricing details of every packages? Here are all packs.

WP Engine packages:

WPEngine Coupon Code

WP Engine coupon code reduces the price of packages. A big offer is ongoing in WP Engine for the month March (01-31). In march, who will sign up using this link and use this WPE3FREE wp engine coupon code 2020, they will get 3 MONTHS FREE hosting. Now some questions may rise on your mind.

Although, normally when you will sign up any time for WP Engine annual plans, you will get 2 MONTHS FREE. In this case, coupon code is not required. Offer will be automatically activated.

1. What is the Best WP Engine Coupon Code?

Choose annual plans of any package, the best wp engine coupon code will be automatically activated and you will get 2 MONTHS FREE hosting. But for 01 March – 31 March 2020, the best coupon code of wp engine is WPE3FREE and sign up using this special link to get 3 MONTHS FREE hosting.

2. What is the Most you can save with WP Engine Coupon?

No coupon code required, just choose annual billing method, 2 MONTHS FREE hosting offer will be automatically activated.

3. How to Use WP Engine Coupon Promo Code?

Just two steps need:

  1. Click here to sign up.
  2. Choose any plan with annual billing. Get 2 MONTHS FREE!!

4. How much can I save on Annual Plans?

You will be able to save $60 for startup plan, $230 fro growth plan and $580 for scale plan on annual billing method.

2. WPX Hosting

I belief that WPX is one of the best managed hosting for WordPress solution that one should be recommended. The USPs of WPX provide top-notch security, support and speed. They also support the fastest crew that is available 24*7 across the globe.

 WPX includes all required features such as email, SSL, staging, security, backups and DDOS protect.

 The cPanel of WPX is very attractive as it is designed from the ground up and is very easy to use.

3. Kinsta

For providing Managed WordPress hosting to your website, there is another solution, namely Kinsta. This is a suitable site for providing the users with a managed service that also includes daily backups and free migration as well. This hosting service is fully optimized that provides speed and a very super fast loading time.

Kinsta developed with the Next-gen infrastructure, which ensures you to get the best within the limited price! The tools provided are user-friendly and another good thing is, installation, set up and usage are easy to understand, simple and very quick. The hosting service provides unexpected security that guarantees the anti-hack system.

4. Flywheel

Flywheel is, somewhat, that made its popularity drastically in the managed WordPress hosting space. For non-developers, Flywheel is a great option to launch a WordPress site without any kind of interruptions.

It is relatively a great choice for small business owners, bloggers, designers and freelancers. 

Flywheel is, somewhat, that made its popularity drastically in the managed WordPress hosting space. For non-developers, Flywheel is a great option to launch a WordPress site without any kind of interruptions.

It is relatively a great choice for small business owners, bloggers, designers and freelancers. 

Flywheel provides some particular nifty features such as staging sites, nilling transfers to your clients and easy collaboration. Besides, it also allows you to manage all of your websites using an attractive dashboard. It meets your needs at a very reasonable price, which is such a great thing.

5. Pressidium

If you are just entrying in blogging and has a very limited budget, then you can prefer Pressidium which is the best option beginners. The starting plan of Pressidium is $49 per month, allowing 30,000 visits per month. The only thing that should be kept in mind that you are limited by visits when you host with Pressidium.

6. Cloudways

Cloudways is another renowned managed cloud host which allow its users to deploy their WordPress by using the cloud deployment of your choice. Cloudways makes you able to choose either Linode, Digital Ocean, or Amazon AWS for deploying their website. Interesting thing is, Cloudways is not only a WordPress hosting site, in fact, it also offers other CMS and different website options. Besides, it also manages your WordPress once you deploy it.

The finest thing is, there is no restriction on your WordPress site, which other hosts employ on your websites. Normally, it could be hard to manage cloud hosting platforms, but if we talk about Cloudways managed solution, it is preferably as much easy as pushing just some buttons.

7. A2 Hosting

Another most popular that comes at second place is A2 Managed WordPress Hosting. Its basic plan starts at $11.99/month. A2 Managed WordPress accounts deal with the unlimited SSD, Turbo servers, A2 Optimised WordPress and unlimited bandwidth.

 It is a surprising fact if you are not familiar with A2 as its Turbo servers provide 20x faster speeds than some other regular servers, and another good point is, using A2 Optimised WordPress, you can auto-optimise your WordPress website without wasting your time.

All the required whistles and bells are also included in A2 Managed WordPress hosting with their provided plans, including free site migrations, SSL, site staging, SSDs and free CDN.

 If you wish to host more than one site, it is suggested to you to go for A2’s unlimited plan or 3-sites plan. A2’s starting plan will only cost you $11.99/month, keep in mind that using this plan you can host only one site.

8. SiteGround

SiteGround is a known name in Web Hosting and it is sure that you would have already heard about SiteGround! It provides its users with best hosting services which include, cloud as well as shared hosting services. This website has a string of different best managed to host 

for WordPress you can opt from!

The service providers developed this service with the selection of high performing and stable machines. Up-tp-date instalments are provided regularly so that it can give you the reliable services that you are looking for!

There is a range of plans provided from Starter to Super Power and it is upon on you to select the best which suits your requirement. Generally, all the features are provided in a Managed WordPress hosting service that you are looking for running your website.

9. BlueHost

When you talk about classy hosting services, Bluehost, nowadays, is competing with many renowned servers. Processing over 2 million websites across the world, Bluehost provides each type of hosting services with the best option for setting up its clients’ websites through the best plans.

When it comes about dedicated and managed hosting, Bluehost is one of the best with its services starting from $19.95/month up to $49.95/month. The exciting thing is that this website provides its customers 30-day money-back guarantee. In other words, if a customer wants to switch to the other hosting services within 30 days, they will, surely, get their payment back instantly!

10. Liquidweb

LiquidWeb serves online professionals with their websites and agencies. It deals with all services from Cloud VPS to custom solutions, and remember one thing, the starting plan of WordPress managed hosting supports 10 websites and 50GB of SSD storage. There is no comprise in speed, customer support and security, this is the basic reason why most of the larger enterprises who want reliable quality, shows their trust on LiquidWeb.

Benefits of Best Managed Hosting for WordPress

Let’s end up our article with the benefits of Managed Hosting. First of all, simply understand that “Managed Hosting” is the management of WordPress on a daily basis, by the web host. Best managed hosting for WordPress ensures its tech-savvy professionals to get all the plugin updates, WordPress platform updates, and website-specific updates immediately as soon as they arrive.

It provides backups, speed optimization and other tools that are efficient to upgrade its clients’ experience.


The hosting services providers provide customers with Best Managed hosting for WordPress in the most prominent way than other web hosts. They are the people who know how can it be used most efficiently.

To make your site fully secure, they are working on managing the firewalls, for providing your website with additional security.


There is a great thing with these best managed hosting for WordPress services, they also provide you with excellent customer support, due to this reason, these are the most notable advantages while comparing cheaper or free WordPress hosting services with best Managed Hosting for WordPress providers.

There you will get ample of hosts that will provide you with space, but actually, they do not have a good understanding of, what the WordPress platform itself is. If you are facing problems that you might unable to assist you accurately, then it is good for you to contact professionals who understand the Managed WordPress Hosting. They understand the platform and will surely, be able to assist you effectively and efficiently.

Last but not least, I want to share my five years of great experience in blogging, I also read blogs of a plethora of people who I recently had with had faced a lot of problems when their existing platforms get shifted to a new platform. With old plugins installed, the site gets slow down due to PHP compatibility issues, but a great thing is, the support team of best managed hosting for WordPress look into that day and night and help their customers to find the outdated plugins.

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