5 Reasons Why Choose Astra For Your eCommerce Website?

astra theme wordpress

One of the best multi-purpose theme Astra has already powered 0.7 millions of websites and now waiting for you to boost up your e-commerce business with its Astra-WooCommerce theme. It is the light-weight, full compatible and it has built-in WooCommerce integration facility. Astra wordpress theme has a lot of reasons to make you bound to use it. Let’s have a look on five reasons.

  • Astra Codeless Customization Opportunity
  • Astra Speed and SEO Responsiveness
  • Astra WooCommerce Features
  • Astra Flexible Pricing Facility
  • Astra 24×7 Dedicated Support

1. Astra Codeless Customization Opportunity

As a businessman or affiliate marketer or ecommerce website owner, you don’t even think about coding to setup or maintain your business website. Nobody can think like this.

Let’s learn first coding of PHP or others perfectly to be able to customize the website as we want than start the website!

You never do this and don’t need because Astra gives you codeless customization for your ecommerce website or store. You can create your website as you want, you can give any layout as you like and you can give your website color as you want to look.

It’s like to play. Astra provides you the ability to play with your ecommerce website.

Astra provides full compatibility with WooCommerce.

Astra free version has enough customization features to make your website attractive to customers although you can get more advanced features to make your website more stunning that will help to increase your sales.

astra theme wordpress
  • Content width on the archive page.
  • Number of columns to list products on all devices.
  • Number of products per page.
  • Sidebar on WooCommerce pages.
  • Setup add-to-cart option in your website header menu.

You can customize your woocommerce layout using astra dediacted layout options like the following image. You can keep it full width or with sidebar just clicking. No single line code needed. Using Astra Pro version you will be able to customize with some stunning features. You can manipulate the product images display. And also choose the position where add-to-cart button will be displayed.

2. Astra Speed and SEO Responsiveness

Astra is a light-weight, super speedy, device responsive and seo friendly wordpress theme that is perfect for simple blog to maximum customized woocommerce website.

One of the stat says, if your ecommerce website take more than 3 seconds to load fully, your visitors will take leave instantly.


So, speed of your e-commerce website is one of the major fact that effects a lot on your business success. See the speed of Astra theme with Woo-Commerce Store setup is less than 3 seconds that makes the website fast-loading and user-loving. The below speed test is taken in GTmetrix.

astra theme wordpress

Astra has the feature of built-in schema support. That is very helpful to make the search engines understand about your e-commerce website products. It increases the possibility of ranking your website on Google.

3. Astra WooCommerce Features

Astra has some unique features specially for WooCommerce websites. Astra wordpress theme never sacrifices the functionalities to be fast in loading factor. Having the super-fast loading quality, it has some unique features to add more functionality.

  • Infinite Scroll
  • Grid Settings
  • Off-Canvas Sidebar
  • Quick View
  • Product Catalog
  • Checkout Options
  • Dropdown Card
  • …And many more

Astra Pre-Built Starter Templates

Astra has ready to take-off mode for the WooCommerce website creators. It has pre-built starter templates for WooCommerce sites. It’s so simple from start to finish.

Start – (Pre-Built Templates) – Finish – WooCommerce Site Live

Astra pre-built starter templates reduced the time from start to finish.

Astra is Cross Device Supported

Some of the fast-loading claimed themes are fast only in desktop devices but not other devices like smartphones. Now if you have built your ecommerce website used any of these theme, you must lose customers who want to buy your product using phones. Definitely that will affect on your business growth.

On the other hand, Astra-WooCommerce is fast in all types of devices like smartphones, PCs, Desktops, Laptops, iPads, Tabs etc whatever it is! Because Astra is optimized perfectly for ensure cross device support. No chance to lose your customers from any devices they come from.

4. Astra As You Need Pricing Facility

Astra theme is fully free with paid option. Almost all the features to setup an eCommerce store, you may use in the free version. Only you need to pay for Astra if you want to scale up your business with some extended paid features. But as a beginner free version is enough to start your ecommerce website with astra.

Ok, let me tell you the best technique.

  • As a beginner, create your ecommerce werbsite/store with Astra free version. Because, Astra free has more than enough features to start beautiful, attractive, seo-friendly ecommerce store.
  • When you start getting sales, to scale up your business and create your website more professional move to the Astra paid version.

Astra Theme Picing:

ASTRA PRO$59$249
MINI AGENCY BUNDLE $169 ($276)$499 ($996)
AGENCY BUNDLE $249 ($523) $699 ($1893)

5. Astra 24×7 Dedicated Support

Astra wordpress theme gives restless one-to-one support to its all users. They provide 24/7 instant support with 3 easy to get ways. In other word, they have three support lines.

  • First line of support: In-depth articles and video tutorials.
  • Second line of support: 24/7 Dedicated email support.
  • Third line of support: Dedicated Facebook Group (10K+ active members)

Astra is so easy to use that you may not necessary others help. Although, if you need, you have 3 different ways to get it easily according to your need.

Knowledge base articles are very helpful to solve your instantly. You can do it just following these articles and steps. If you are not comfort with that you can also watch dedicated video tutorials made by Astra.

If you need something not available in the first line of support, don’t worry! Just send an email to the Astra support team. They will take care of it!

Another is, be connected to its facebook group and get problem solved, join the discussion with other users.

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