10 Best Tools For Web Designers Every Developer Must Know

Design is a secluded business area, which many people try to avoid. Here, I have listed best tools for web designers in 2020. However, it is extremely important for literally every branch of business. Let us just provide you with some examples that will prove how important design really is.

Imagine you are in a tech store and you need to get a new laptop. The store has a wide range of various laptops, but after checking out all of them, you narrowed your choice to two laptops. Both of them have the same functionality, but the first one is grey and looks kind of ugly and the second one is shiny and fancy. Which one would you choose? Well, it seems like the shiny one is your winner, as it is for most people. Moreover, some people will still choose a shiny laptop, even though it costs more than an ugly one.

Now let us have a look at another situation. You just found out about two bloggers and decided to check out their blogs. One of them has a fancy blog with cute pictures, icons, and lots of other cool stuff and the other one has a standard unremarkable blog. Which one would you follow? We bet that the first one.

As you can see, the design really matters, since we prefer fancy stuff over regular. That is exactly why web designers must be aware of the latest trends in this truly insane industry, so they will be able to create high-quality products, which people would like to purchase. These best tools for web designers will help them.

MasterBundles is a platform that will help you to keep track of the latest trends in digital design and not only. On this very platform, you will find plenty of useful bundles as well as some really great design articles. So today, we would like you to have a look at the 10 best tools for web designers article every developer must-read to gather updates.

1.  10+ Birthday Postcards Collection 2019

This is the first among 10 best tools for web designers list. This article presents a wide selection of birthday cards for literally all kinds of people. Funny or heartwarming, elaborated or simple – you can find the very birthday card you need there. As a matter of fact, birthday card has always been something special to us. You cannot argue that receiving a cute birthday card is not pleasant as well as giving one to a person you appreciate. At the same time, pretty often finding the birthday card that will warm your special ones’ hearts might take weeks, so what do you do then? Well, try to check out 10+ Birthday Postcards Collection 2019 and you will no doubt find something special there.

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2. 4 Organic Shape Pastel Background Pattern

Want something unusual to create inimitable backgrounds? Then don’t miss the next product! At the outset, 4 Organic Shape Pastel Background Pattern is a modern set that is perfect both for personal and corporate needs. As the name of the item promises, there are 4 different patterns inside the package. Each of them is an ideal tool for:

  • business promos,
  • printing projects,
  • presentations,
  • website backgrounds,
  • stationery designs,
  • blogs,
  • social media projects, etc.

Keep in mind that the files are not editable. They come in 300 dpi, 6000 x 6000 px. By the way, these jpg files are usable in all pixel-based programs, including Adobe Photoshop.

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3.  200+ T-shirt Templates: Best T-Shirt Design Mockup Bundles 2019

The article focuses on the latest trends in t-shirt design as well as provides a great selection of t-shirt mockup bundles and fancy fonts. Nowadays, more and more people turn down mass fashion and prefer wearing something truly extraordinary. Well, what can be more extraordinary than a bold t-shirt with a crazy, yet truly marvelous, design? Over 200 t-shirt template bundles in this very article are definitely worth checking out. Among the coolest bundles are 50+ Amazing Vector T-Shirt Design Templates, 200 T-shirt Designs Mega Collection, as well as 50 Vintage T-shirt Designs. Find the bundle that will suit your personality the best and creates your perfect t-shirt with the help of this very article.

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4. Geometric – Luxurygold Pattern

Long for a fast and proven way to introduce your ideas or business in all their glory? In this case, this social media strategy template is just what the doctor ordered! To put it briefly, the set contains 20 ace patterns that come in 2 designs. You can choose from Luxurygold patterns with transparent white background and white patterns with a Luxurygold background. All the files have high resolution (300 dpi, 2700 x 2700 px) and make an all-in-one solution for such projects, as:

·    blogs,

·    social media promos,

·    adds,

·    real-life presentations,

·    prints,

·    business cards,

·    flyers, etc.

As you can see, these Luxurygold patterns would make a unique background. They suit both business and personal projects.

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5.  200+ Cactus Clipart 2019

Cool patterns are the very thing that every designer is looking for. 200+ Cactus Clipart 2019 focuses on such playful patterns as cactus clipart. The article provides more than 200 cactus clipart bundles, which means that you will for sure find your perfect cactus. In fact, cactus clipart is a great way to liven up any project. Cactus clipart can be a great solution for blogs, personal websites, as well as online stores. The article highlights such cactus clipart bundles as Watercolor Abstract Cactus, Cacti Set and Vector Cactus, Llama & Cactus Clipart, Watercolor Cacti Clipart, and Watercolor Cactus in Pots. So go ahead and check out this article in order to find the very cactus that will make the project you are currently working on simply stunning.

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6. 37 Ice-Cream & Summer Snack Illustration Bundle 

Without a doubt, everyone loves summer. Different things reminding about the warm season always awoke pleasant emotions. That is the first reason why you may want to use various summer-related elements in your designs. Are you ready to add some summer vibes to your promo? In this case, you should take a closer look at this fantastic 37 Ice-Cream & Summer Snack Illustration Bundle. The bundle contains 37 high-resolution graphics, like:

  • ice-creams,
  • corns,
  • cherries, etc.

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7.  40+ Premium Marble Backgrounds in Digital and Print Design 2019

This very article is dedicated to the well-known representation of wealth also known as marble pattern. The article showcases more than 40 various marble backgrounds for both print and digital design. Marble indeed is a classic pattern that has been a trend since the heyday of the Roman Empire. This very background associates with wealth and royalty, so it will perfectly work for luxury online shops, personal websites, as well as blogs about fashion and fancy life as it is. The coolest thing about marble pattern is the fact that it is classic, in other words, it will always be in fashion, thus, it is always a win. If you are interested in creating a truly royal website, check out this article and find some cool marble backgrounds for your project.

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8. Juice – Box Pack Product Mockup

Needless to say, it is not easy to stand out from the crowd in 2019. These days, everything becomes super simple in use. That is why the number of your competitors increases every single day. With it, you should work even more to get the attention of your prospects. Would you like to speed up the working process? Just try working with Juice. This is an incredible box pack product mockup for visual promos. The set contains 12 .tif images that are already cut out.

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9.  Floral Pattern in Web Design 2019 | Download Ai & PSD

Last, but not least article we are going to talk about today is Floral Pattern in Web Design 2019 | Download Ai & PSD.  Obviously, the article focuses on such widely spread in design background as a floral pattern. This very pattern is among the classic ones as well. Nice and neat flowers will always be in trend. The article tells about the long history of this very pattern as well as its main use in web design. Besides, you can also find a useful selection of ready-made floral patterns among which are Floral Vintage Vector Illustrations, Autumn Splendor, and Collection of Floristic Clipart. So get inspired by this very article and use some floral patterns for your next project!

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10. 130 Floral Natural Illustrations Pack

To end with, let’s take a quick look at this groundbreaking illustration bundle. The package contains such visually pleasing floral design elements, as leaves, branches, flowers, flower chains, and berries. In addition, you get some charming borders to choose from. There are 130 designs in the set on average. As always, all these components are high-quality and come in several sizes. They are 100% ready-to-print.

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Did you like these best tools for web designers article? Let us know in the comment section below!

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